Read It and Weep Book Chronicles Stalin’s Post-War Anti-Semitic Campaign by Matt Nesvisky

Read It and Weep Book Chronicles Stalin’s Post-War Anti-Semitic Campaign by Matt Nesvisky

Authors: Joshua Rubenstein, Vladimir P. Naumov, Laura E. Wolfson
Publisher: Yale University Press
Keywords: fascist, committee, annals, communism, anti, jewish, secret, pogrom, postwar, inquisition, Stalin
Number of Pages: 562
Published: 2001-05-01
List price: $45.00
ISBN-10: 0300084862
ISBN-13: 9780300084863

In the spring and summer of 1952, fifteen Soviet Jews, including five prominent Yiddish writers and poets, were secretly tried and convicted; multiple executions soon followed in the basement of Moscow’s Lubyanka prison. The defendants were falsely charged with treason and espionage because of their involvement in the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, and because of their heartfelt response as Jews to Nazi atrocities on occupied Soviet territory. Stalin had created the committe to rally support for the Soviet Union during World War II, but he then disbanded it after the war as his paranoia mounted about Soviet Jews. For many years, a host of myths surrounded the case against the committee. Now this book, which presents an abridged version of the long-suppressed transcript of the trial, reveals the Kremilin’s machinery of destruction. Joshua Rubenstein provides annotations about the players and events surrounding the case. In a long introduction, drawing on newly released documents in Moscow archives and on interviews with relatives of the defendants in Israel, Russia, and the United States, Rubenstein also sets the trial in historical and political context and offers a vivid account of Stalin’s anti-Semitic campaign.

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